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Urban Naturals Silky Rose Hip Oil Bar Soap



Rose Hip oil is a relatively recent discovery & is known as "The Oil of Youth." It is gaining acclaim among its users for its ability to combat sun damage & rejuvenate skin. It's high Vitamin C & healthy oil content has been shown in scientific studies to visibly reduce wrinkles in a matter of weeks!  Couple that with the skin nourishing oils in our soaps and it will leave your skin baby soft! On top of all of that, this soap is made from infused Organic Rose hip Hibiscus Tea which add to its nourishing ability & lovely pink color. 

We've coupled this fantastic oil with geranium & niaouli essential is a mood altering scent to say the least. 

This is a new addition to our products and I am in love with it! It makes the skin so silky, you better hope you don't own satin sheets!

Pair this soap with our Rose Hip oil lip balm for a truly unique & skin rejuvenating experience! 

NOTE: As this product is handmade to order, please allow for an additional 7-10 days from date of purchase to ensure that it is properly cured and set before being shipped.

Contains: saponified organic olive oil, organic soy oil, organic coconut oil, organic palm oil (sustainable), organic palm kernel oil, avocado oil, purified rain water, Rose Hip Oil, Organic Fair Trade Rose Hip Hibiscus tea leaves, natural colorant, geranium & niaouli essential oil. 


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