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Urban Naturals Children's Fever Tea


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A beautiful mixture of mild, yet powerful herbs that can gently assist in reducing fevers in children while helping them relax & fight exhaustion as the fever comes down. Great tasting & can also be made into popsicles! They won't even know it's supposed to make them feel better! This tea is not only great for children but men and women of all ages as well! 

You will receive 2oz of dried herb (approximately 25-30 uses) & one reusable muslin bag (made in the USA!). 

Contains: organic Elder flowers, organic chamomile, organic catnip, organic peppermint, organic lavender, organic rose hips

Take 1 tsp of mixed herbs & put in muslin bag. Pull bag closed & tie. Add to 8 oz of boiling water. Cover & steep for 5 minutes. Add honey or Stevia to taste. 

General Guidelines for herbal teas & children: 

Ages 2-6~ 1/4 cup of prepared tea 2-4 times per day 
Ages 7-10~1/2 cup of prepared tea 2-4 times per day
Ages 11-15~3/4 cup of prepared tea 2-4 times per day
Ages 16 & up~ adult serving (1 cup or 8oz 2-4 times per day)

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