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Beyond Organic Skincare Natural Cooling Eye Gel



There are no perfumes or essential oils in this product, so this is especially suitable for the extra-sensitive area around the eye. This gel will give your eyes that ‘wide-awake’ look, reduce dark circles, puffiness and help to counteract that ‘tight’ feeling that tiredness can bring. Our herbal extracts, including the eyebright, have a special affinity with the eye area (that’s why it is called ‘eyebright’!). Also, you have all seen pictures of ladies having a facial with slices of cucumber on their eyes – hence the addition of cucumber as well to cool and tone.

Size: 30ml/1 fl oz.



Eyebright to reduce puffiness.

Cucumber extract to cool and tone.

Aloe vera to soothe and moisturise.

This product is vegetarian/vegan friendly, 100% natural or naturally derived, fair trade, cruelty-free, and utilizes recycled as well as recyclable packaging.

Directions: Smooth half a pump of gel gently around eye area. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Keep cool.

Ingredients: Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, Glycerin, Euphrasia officinalis (eyebright) extract, Cucumis sativus (cucumber) fruit extract, Carrageenan, Amorphophallus konjac root powder, Salicylic acid, Sorbic acid, Benzyl alcohol.



Product photo and description used with the consent of Beyond Organic Skincare.



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